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Carolyn's Message from the January 2002 Newsletter

Posted: June 1st, 2005 @ 5:20pm

Dear Friends,

The first time I saw the puppy, he was happily chasing a ball being thrown by a young boy. They looked so cute together, almost like a Norman Rockwell painting. "Gee", I thought, "I wish every dog could have a boy of his own." I saw them almost every time I went past that house. Once I even saw them asleep, in the sun, on the steps of the house. A boy and his dog make such a beautiful picture. When school started, I didn't see the boy again and only occasionally did I see the puppy. I was sure he missed his boy very much during the day.

One day I realized the house was empty. It is an old house, one of those that people only move into until they can do better, or until they can't pay the rent and have to move on. Even when occupied, it is a place that looks like it is unhappy and has never had anyone to care about it.

Then, I needed to rent a place to keep six cats for a while. All my friends were looking for places for me, including Gale Moody, who called one day to say she had found one--but there was an abandoned puppy there. Could I bring food for him immediately?

Of course I can. She gives me the address. As I near the place, I realize it is going to be the house of the boy and puppy. Unfortunately, the puppy had been left behind. When I drove into the yard, Gale told me that the puppy went around the house. She didn't want to scare him away, so she waited for me. Out in the back yard was an old doghouse. The puppy had his head out the door, waiting to see if we were friend or foe. We offered him food, which he gratefully accepted. We washed his water bowl and got clean water for him. He wasn't starving, but he was hungry. We shook out his bedding and made the house as comfortable as possible for him, moving it so it would get the afternoon sun and hopefully keep him warmer. It was as we were moving the house that we saw the sign. A child's hand had scrawled: "Do not forget me Goliath. I love you and I won't ever forget you. I wish I was big, then I could keep you with me always. You could always be my best friend. Goodbye Goliath."

The sign brought both Gale and me to tears. She went in search of the owner of the house, and I carried Goliath to the vet for shots and a check-up; surprisingly he was in fairly decent shape. At least we could take care of him for a while. We did learn Goliath was already in residence when the boy moved in. Maybe the boy didn't realize Goliath was homeless or maybe he did and his parents didn't want to take a dog with them. We may never know-but he is safe now!!

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