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Update on Buster & Plea for Help

Sent: February 5, 2004

Not only is he healing beautifully, he is now reunited with his mother and sister. Going out to check on him late one night, I saw another dog sleeping next to his pen. When I got closer, I realized there were two dogs. One that looked just like Buster and another, his size, that was mostly black. They didn't run from me, as I expected. When I opened the door to the pen, they both went in and proceeded to nuzzle Buster. All were happy to be together.

We have posted signs all over the neighborhood and have spoken with police officers that patrol that area, and the postman. No one had seen the dogs before they found us. We can only surmise the dogs were all abandoned. Buster just had the misfortune of being hit by a car. But, in the end, it turned out that they all have a home, together, with us.Every day, they are let out of the pen to run all over the farm and they never fail to come back when called. That, if nothing else, tells us they are happy to have a home.

The mother and sister need to be spayed and given all their shots. If you are able to help with this project, please send your donations to Carolyn Keeton at 4907 23rd Boulevard, Valley AL 36854-3500.

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