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Sent: July 28, 2010

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"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." - Albert Schweitzer

A man may smile and bid you hail
Yet wish you to the devil;
But when a good dog wags his tail,
You know he's on the level."
~Author Unknown

Dear Friends,

This month we are going to complete the story from our July newsletter about Leone. He is the most amazing little dog. Not only does he look like Little Lion, he seems to know and enjoy all the things Little Lion did. That very first day when I let him out of the carrier, he walked over to the front door and put his right paw up on the door. When I opened the door, he marched right past the other dogs and went straight to my bedroom door and put his paw on it, just like Little Lion always did. The one place he has never been is on the blanket under the window in the dining room. That is where Little Lion died. I have had a hard timing writing about all this. Not only did it hurt too much, thinking about Little Lion, I was afraid all of you would think I needed to be "put away." I am not superstitious, but this has really been the most amazing thing I have had happen to me.

And, here is another amazing experience. My son's business, which is "Tower and Microwave," meaning wireless systems, like police and fire-station systems and computer systems in schools. Also a lot of major private clients take him to some of the most unique places in this country. One major client is a particularly beautiful lodge in the mountains of North Alabama. It only has one flaw and that is not the fault of the lodge, but of the guests.

People bring their pets with them to enjoy the outdoors, and some of the pets are terrified of the strange surroundings and run and hide from everyone. My son sees them in the woods near his towers. He tries to catch them, but most are as afraid of him--as they would be of any stranger. So, he carries pet food with him at all times. He doesn't have to worry about water as the property is on a very large, natural lake. What with abandoned pets and lost pets, it was becoming a problem and the lodge owners were trying to decide how to eliminate the problem.

My son suggested they ask me for help--and they did. So, I happily set out humane traps early (for me) one morning. By 4 PM, all four traps held an animal. And this was our first day! We carried the beautiful cats to a local vet, who agreed to house and check for medical problems for a small fee. We were and are very grateful for his help.

The next day, I put out two large dog traps. My truck has a blown engine, and I can't take more than that in a borrowed SUV. Sure enough, both traps held a dog when I went back two hours later. When we arrived at the vet with the dogs, the groomer offered to give all the rescues a bath for free. We gladly accepted. The next few days were a holiday weekend, and the lodge owners didn't want guests to see us going in and out with traps. We still put the traps out and put the two cats we got that time in my son's work building on the grounds.

When I got to the vet clinic, he had some great news. Every single pet we had brought in had an I.D. chip. The groomer, Marie, had a list of names and phone numbers ready for me. It was so exciting! A couple of owners lived only a few counties away. The others were as far away as Minnesota. We got an answer at all but two homes and left a message at those numbers. The owners were so happy. Most had given up on ever seeing their beloved pet again. One of the owners called about 7PM. He asked that we leave his dog at the clinic and he would pay the bill. He was so afraid the dog would run if let out of the clinic before he got there. So, I went to bed feeling very good about our work!

But--Something was not right! I could hear a noise, very faint but definitely there. And the sound didn't "belong” there. As I struggled to get awake, I realized it was my cell phone. Then I came fully awake. No one calls me at 4 AM. It had to be something horrible. I grabbed the phone, only to hear a hysterical woman. I could not understand a word she was saying. When she calmed down a little, all I could hear was "Is it true? Is it true? Do you really have Molly?" Then she seemed to be holding her breath. "Yes, I really do have Molly,” I answered. Again the hysterics, only this time it was "God bless you! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you God. Thank you, world. Thank you for people who love animals, oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

When she finally got calm enough to listen, I told her the story and where she could find Molly. "I'll be there in the morning. First flight I can get down there, I'll be on it. I'll just buy whatever she needs to fly when I get there." And she did exactly that. So far, we have not caught a pet that we didn't get back to its owner.

We are going to keep working on this. Molly's owner said if we found a cat and couldn't find the owner, she would adopt it. We couldn't be happier for all these pets and owners.

In addition to that work, we also adopted out two teenage dogs and five kittens. We also took in a kitty, named Pawla by Pat Kachur. Finally--my own cat, Lick-Lick, has a friend.

* * * * * * * *

IN MEMORY--From Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Croghan “in loving memory of Bandit and LingLing.”

* * * * * * * *

THE STAMP REPORT—We are very glad to report that since our last report, we have received a total of 190 stamps (or a donation to purchase them) vs. about 156 required to send out this newsletter and other mail from Benjamin Jones, David Garvin, Elmer Bryant, Mardi Hoofnagle, Lois Holbrook and Jamie Reagin. We had more than the normal “other” mail to send out in July so our inventory of stamps is zero. So, keep up the great work!!

* * * * * * *

FLEA PREVENTION—Thank you to all of you who sent money for this purpose. Unfortunately, the total received is only about half of the $250 needed for one round of preventative application. Please send extra support (or a special donation) if at all possible!!!

* * * * * * *


To Mary Jane Johnson for your assistance with our veterinary bills.

To Elly Meyer for the wonderful note much needed “care package.” I am so glad you enjoyed the “Little Lion” story and very much appreciate your flattering comments about my writing ability. I have been encouraged to write a book in the past, but there never seems to be enough time to actually do it.

To Carol Clenney for your long-time support of a shelter cat and help with fuel costs.

To Gloria Overbey for your donation to help pay our medical bills.

To Dena Roesler for your donation, matched by your company.

To Mildred Ferrell helping with our veterinary expenses.

To Jim and Diane Riddle for your donation to help with flex prevention expense.

To Benjamin Jones for the Mutts cartoon.

* * * * * * *


Please remember that donating on line is a fast and secure method of sending support to us. Just access our website – – and click on the Donation button. Follow the directions from that point, and your donation will be sent to us immediately. Please be sure to choose the Personal and Gift tabs so that we will receive your entire donation. Otherwise, PayPal charges a 2.5% fee.

* * * * * * *


Our Alabama shelter has two acres of grass which needs to be mowed regularly. Our old, small mower just isn’t up to the task. We urgently need a new or good used riding mower. If you have one to donate or would like to help pay for one—please contact us!

Many items we use to care for the safety and comfort of our animals are available at either Home Depot or Lowes. We would very much appreciate the donation of gift cards from either place.

Gift cards for any other store at which we can buy items needed at the shelters, such as bleach, detergent, tall kitchen bags, paper plates, Pine-Sol, brooms, scrub buckets, dishwashing liquid, canned and dry cat food, dry dog food, cat and dog treats, and paper towels. Wal-Mart, Kroger, PetSmart, PETCO, Publix and Ingles cards are especially welcome.

Any type of animal medicine.

A special donation for veterinary bills. You may send a donation with a notation that it is to be used for veterinary care. Or send directly to Dawsonville Veterinary Hospital, PO Box 1328, Dawsonville GA 30534. Be sure to indicate that it is to be applied to the All C.A.T.S., Inc. account. NOTE: Please be sure to let us know that you have sent support directly to the clinic.

A donation earmarked for our electric bill (latest bill was about $285) and/or garbage bill (currently $214.45).

* * * * * * * *

FYI--West Hollywood California became the latest city to put a leash on pet sales in February when its city council unanimously approved an ordinance prohibiting sales of cats and dogs in retail stores. Albuquerque NM and South Lake Tahoe CA have also banned pet sales. Other cities in Florida, New Mexico, Missouri and elsewhere are considering similar bans. Between the time of the Albuquerque ban and late May, adoptions at city shelters have risen 23 percent. FROM MSNBC.COM – MAY 27, 2010.

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