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Sent: December 20, 2010

FYI - One of our supporters who animals do eat the food described in the recall sent us the following information:

I talked w/ the folks at Kroger this a.m. (since that is what we feed our cats) and the PLU's are
prefix 11110--71346 . 88152 . 88128 . 74580 for the cat food (sorry I did not think about the dog food at the time) but the important information fr/ there is that it only effects those a 'sell by date' of Oct 23 11 dp or Oct 24 11 dp. Kroger is also putting notices on sales receipts and said to return any un-used products to the store for a refund or exchange.
Since we just finished a bag of that product matching the description I called back to find out whether I should be concerned and was told by a woman who seemed a bit over-whelmed w/ concerned pet owners that unless they have eaten extra-ordinary amounts of the food I should not be concerned but to look for yellow (jaundiced) eyes/lips and bloody diarrhea. If those signs appear then take the animal to the vet immediately and call their customer service number 800/ 632.6900 for more information.

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