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Sent: February 4, 2011

I have been asked by the New Hope Elementary School to do a presentation on animal ownership and responsibilities.

They want this done at a time of my choosing, as long as it is in April. So..I need materials. Also, the principal wants time to review said materials. I can talk all day about animal care, but children need visuals. These are 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.

She said she didn't want them "scared;" but, due to the local dog-fighting problem, wants them to understand that dogs and other animals need love and care and really can be your best friend. She believes if we can change the children, it will have a positive impact on the parents. After all, what decent parent wants to do anything that causes their child pain.

This will be an on-going program for other grades, IF I can "make it work.” A LOT to put on me, but I am more than willing to try.

I’ll bet that some of you out there are teachers—and a lot of you are parents. I could REALLY use your help with suggestions as far as materials/visual aids – or whatever you think would help make this a worthwhile and interesting experience for kids this age.

Please call me at 334 275 1579, email to Carolyngunter84@yahoo. com or write to me at the Dawsonville PO box. I will appreciate any assistance you can offer.

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