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Sent: January 31, 2013

I know you want a rescue story. I don't have one. The only story I have is one of this shelter needing to be rescued.

We are at a low we haven't been in for years. We are now faced with this shelter having to euthanize animals because we don't have enough money to care for them. I have begged and borrowed all the money I can. If this situation doesn't improve within two weeks, I will have the unbelievably horrible task of deciding who to put to sleep. I don't think I can stand making such a decision.

Even as I write this, I have feelers out to other shelters to see if they can take some of these precious babies.

We now have twice the amount of animals we get money to care for properly. This is due solely to pregnant dogs being left at our door. Three dogs had, among them, 24 puppies all born on the same day. Then, two weeks later, another small dog was left on our porch . She had four babies a week later.

I am desperate. I know all our friends do the best they can to support these babies. I have nowhere to turn for more help. So, please, if you can, help me to save them. I am not asking for me, I am begging for them, for their very lives. I can do the work involved. I can carry the food to the bowls and give them love and attention. What I can't do is kill them. Please don't let it come to that. They, and I, have only you to prevent that from happening. Pray for all of us.


If you have other people who may want to help, please forward this message. AND don't forget donations may be made on-line using the Donate button on our website.

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