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Sent: August 25, 2013

One of our local building material stores is willing to donate materials for a 20 X 30 building, IF we have the funds to put it up. Their estimate for construction is $15,000. Now we all know I NEVER have that much money. But, I have started asking for donations toward the construction. So far, I have the money for a concrete pad ($5,000) and $2,500 toward the rest. The problem is the time constraint. If I can't raise the money by September 10, the building will be offered to someone else.

This building would mean so much to this shelter. It would provide a safer place for the dogs during storms, a quiet place for any recovering from surgery and also a heated space for extremely cold days. It would mean a lot to me as well. It would save me hundreds of steps a day by providing a separate room for storage of food and supplies that are now stored in my living room. As it is now, I have to carry everything out to the dog pens, and food is heavy and I am old. O.K., not THAT old--but I am getting there. (I will be 69 in October.)

By September 10, I need to be able to show the store that I have pledges for the total amount--and the actual money must be in hand by September 15.

If you are able, please contribute to this project. Any checks or on-line donations for this need to be separate from your regular donation. If the shelter cannot raise enough money by the deadline, the money donated for this project will be returned. But we so want and need this building. I don't even know how to express how much it would help us.

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