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Sent: August 29, 2013

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September 2013 NEWSLETTER

“If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow; but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much.”
― Mark Twain

“Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer.”
― Dean Koontz, False Memory

Dear Friends,

One of our local building material stores is willing to donate materials for a 20 X 30 building, IF we have the funds to put it up. Their estimate for construction is $15,000. Now we all know I NEVER have that much money. But, I have started asking for donations toward the construction. So far, I have the money for a concrete pad ($5,000) and $2,500 toward the rest. The problem is the time constraint. If I can't raise the money by September 10, the building will be offered to someone else.

This building would mean so much to this shelter. It would provide a safer place for the dogs during storms, a quiet place for any recovering from surgery and also a heated space for extremely cold days. It would mean a lot to me as well. It would save me hundreds of steps a day by providing a separate room for storage of food and supplies that are now stored in my living room. As it is now, I have to carry everything out to the dog pens, and food is heavy and I am old. O.K., not THAT old--but I am getting there. (I will be 69 in October.)

By September 10, I need to be able to show the store that I have pledges for the total amount--and the actual money must be in hand by September 15.

If you are able, please contribute to this project. Any checks or on-line donations for this need to be separate from your regular donation. If the shelter cannot raise enough money by the deadline, the money donated for this project will be returned. But we so want and need this building. I don't even know how to express how much it would help us.


* * * * * *

Shelter Challenge Update—Wonderful news!! Our debt to the feed store has been reduced by more than $2,000. We are so grateful that everyone pitched in. Reducing the debt has made a significant difference in dealing with the feed store. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped made this project such a success. Donations in August from Mardi Hoofnagle, Dena Roesler, Renee Merback, Frances Clark and Michael & Lilli Godzosa put us over the top.

* * * * * *

Just yesterday, the speaker on my phone broke. It cannot be repaired. I cannot hear anyone who calls me although the person calling can hear me. Very frustrating. I can still use the texting feature; but, until I can afford a replacement, I can only be reached by texting or email.
Although it seems strange to say during this hot summer, we will VERY SOON need all the blankets we can get. Our babies need bedding for the upcoming cold season.

* * * * * *

See pictures and stories of many of our animals on our website by clicking on “Our Animals” and then “Updated Shelter Photos.”

* * * * * * *

GOOD NEWS (AND A REQUEST) – We reached a major milestone during the first week in August. With the spaying of three dogs, all of our breeding age female dogs have been spayed. We do still have the puppies to go, but they won’t need to be done for at least three months. This has been an uphill battle; but, thanks to you, even the newest mothers are spayed. We have also neutered some of the males—but not all yet. The ones we neutered were the “trouble makers,” and our yards have become quieter since this procedure. I’m sure they all need neutering, and I am hoping we will be able to do this eventually—but, for now, a little peace and quiet is nice.

If you would be able to sponsor a spay or neuter of one of the puppies, it would be greatly appreciated. We will need these around Christmas. Hint, hint!!

* * * * * *

IN MEMORY—From Rev. & Mrs. Thomas Lanford, Sr. and Holly & Thomas Lanford, Jr. in memory of MRS. VIRGINIA ROUNTREE. Rev & Mrs. Lanford wrote that “Virginia and her daughter Pam took in stranded animals. Their last was a skin and bones dog, Fred. He really misses his grandmother, Mrs. Virginia.” Holly and Thomas added that she was “one of the few great, gracious people; and the world was a better place because she was in it. She is and will be missed.”

* * * * * *

AUGUST STORY—As you all know, I feed strays every day. There is one place in Guntersville that hosts six cats. Three are always there—the others only some of the time. I go every day even when it rains. People ask why I am “wasting my time” when it’s raining. I ask them if they don’t get hungry when it rains. But this isn’t about the cats or even the baby fox who comes to eat at 5 p.m. every day. A few days ago, I was feeding the cats when a small puppy came up to me. I had not seen a puppy there and this one was small, fuzzy and covered with fleas. It didn’t appear to be hungry but started lapping water as soon as I put it out.

I picked her up and went back to the parking lot. I noticed a woman in a van watching me. OK, now I knew who was trying to leave the puppy so I walked over to her. She immediately said “I don’t know how she got out of the van. She was asleep when I went inside.” The temperature was 83 degrees, and no one with any brains would leave an animal in a car in that heat. Which I proceeded to tell her. Then she confessed: “I see you here every day feeding the cats. I knew you would feed her, too.” She added that “I know you never miss a day. I work in this building. I can’t keep her. Her mother got run over and I don’t know what to do.” I didn’t feel like even being nice. I said, “Well, you don’t start by putting her out somewhere. I am going to take her but don’t you ever do anything like this again.” I put the puppy in my car and drove away.

The next day the woman was waiting for me. Her first question was “Will you take her mother? I don’t want any more dogs.” I couldn’t believe my ears. “Is this the same mother who was run over?” I asked. Looking embarrassed, she said, “Well, I lied about that. I was afraid you wouldn’t take the puppy.” So she tells me the mother has been spayed but she doesn’t want a dog in her new house. I have carried the mother, a Chihuahua, to the vet. If she lied about the spaying, I intend to ask her for money for one in front of all her fellow office workers. I will let you know how this story ends.

* * * * * *

STAMP REPORT—Terrific Month. Since our last report, we have received 188 stamps from, Jamie Regain Connie Rice, Joanne Daube, Karen & David Garvin and Karen Espinoza. Keep up the great work.

* * * * * *

THANK YOU—In addition to the specific “Thank Yous” listed below, we want to thank each and every one of you who send us support—we couldn’t make it without you!!

* * * * * *

To Carol Clenney for your regular monthly support for fuel and sponsorship.

To Mildred Ferrell for your monthly donation for veterinary expenses.

To Walter Gordy for your donation for “Mildred and pups.”

To Jo-Anne Croghan for your kind words.

To Bill Underwood for your extremely generous support “Of The Best” and your reminder to “Never Give Up.”

To Mary Jane Johnson for your generous support—plus the debit card.

To Avis Buchanan for your help with medical bills.

To Barbara Kanya, Michael & Lilli Godzosa and Karen Espinoza for your consistent monthly support.

To Kelly Lattanzi for your very generous on-line support.

To Kathy Beckman for the much-appreciated Lowes card.

* * * * * *


My friend Julie Ashton recently asked me a question I am sure each of you has wondered about. “Are you crazy?!!” I am proud to answer with a resounding “YES.” If I wasn’t crazy, I would have quit this long ago. But, truthfully, I think you all sort of knew this without being told. All of you have been with me through so much! I thank you for that and I love each of you dearly.

To my friend Nadine Hereth: I am so sorry to hear of your recent troubles. As I have said before, if it can happen, it will happen to one of us. We seem to be two of a kind. Hang in there—it will get better. If there is anything I can do to help you, just let me know.

* * * * * *

Many items we use to care for the safety and comfort of our animals are available at either Home Depot or Lowes. Gift cards from either place are much appreciated.

Gift cards for any other store at which we can buy items needed at the shelters, such as bleach, detergent, tall kitchen bags, paper plates, Pine-Sol, brooms, scrub buckets, dishwashing liquid, canned and dry cat food, dry dog food, cat and dog treats, and paper towels. Wal-Mart, Kroger, PETCO, PetSmart and Publix cards are especially welcome.

Any type of animal medicine.

A special gift designated to help with our veterinary bills.

Help with electric bill (latest bill was about $295) and/or garbage bill (currently $89.20).

* * * * * *

FROM THE NEWS— Jacqueline Randolph volunteers with Pawsitive Shelter Photography in Orlando, Florida, where she and her teammates photograph dogs at the Orange County Animal Shelter. Together they have helped increase adoption rates by presenting the sweetest and most endearing images of each dog’s unique beauty. But when one dog with a less-than-perfect face stood in line for her photo to be taken, Jacqueline tried to suppress a wave of concern. “I was asked to photograph this little pit bull named Blanche who was in isolation due to an eye injury,” Jacqueline explains. “I took one look at her and I knew she had no chance of adoption.”

Blanche not only had an eye injury but also heartworm. With five dogs of her own at home, Jacqueline told herself that it was simply impossible to reach out to Blanche. But as the lens reached out and grabbed Blanche’s likeness, Jacqueline looked deeper. She studied the eyes that were less-than-perfect, the face of a breed that is painted to be monsters. Where had Blanche been before she came here? What joy might she have ahead of her if she were a beautiful young puppy with a perfect face?

“God had plans for Blanche and they included me,” Jacqueline explained. ”I could not get her out of my mind. On the day that Blanche was to be euthanized, I called Pitiful Pups rescue and told them that if they would pull her from the shelter, my husband and I would foster her and pay all veterinary bills.” The shelter eagerly agreed and Jacqueline and her husband hurried to the shelter to save Blanche. They took her to the veterinarian before bringing her into their home to begin foster care, but a funny thing happened in the waiting room at the veterinary clinic. It turns out that Jacqueline’s husband was swept away as well. “We were only in the waiting room for five minutes when my husband said, ‘We’re adopting her!’”

With the help of Dr. Bob Moja, Blanche is now heartworm negative and her eye has healed. Her vision is perfect and she wakes up in a soft bed each morning. She opens her eyes to see her lovely ‘pack’ and enjoys a breakfast that tastes better than she’s ever known.

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