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Sent: June 1, 2014

Texting: 256 744 4805
P.O. Box 1095 Dawsonville GA 30534-0022


"I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior." - Hippolyte Taine

“In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.” ~Edward Hoagland

Dear Friends,

First and foremost, I want to thank all you incredibly generous friends. You are responsible for getting a "new" small building to replace the one destroyed in the storm. We were able to replace about 2/3 of the siding torn from our new building and to get my house at least dried in again. The cats are very grateful for that. They had to spend a week with only wire where once there had been a wall. It was very secure and they liked the open, outdoor feel; but they definitely did not like the dogs being able to look in at them. And, they were used to air-conditioning. We still have not been able to replace the lost unit, but I am confident we soon will.

One of the hardest things was finding any workers. There was such a demand for carpenters and tree cutters because of all the damage in not only our county but several of the surrounding counties that you had to get on a list to even get someone to come inspect the damage and give an estimate. We still need tools to work with, but we are managing with what we have-- even if most of them have damage. The thing I needed most was sent to us in a shipment of supplies. The very last thing I ever expected to find when I opened the box was a shovel. Thank you, Jamie!!

I really look forward to the supplies Jamie sends. There is always something in the boxes I didn't expect. Even the UPS and FedEx men want to see what I received. It is like Christmas when the packages arrive and I couldn't be more grateful. The only “problem” is that Jamie buys much better foods than I can normally afford—which the animals absolutely love. I buy mostly Purina products. She buys Iams, Fancy Feast, etc. The cats love it. The Purina One dog food has been a big hit as well as the Pro Plan. I am now buying Purina One at Wal-Mart. The dogs think it is candy.

We did get other deliveries of food and supplies but no names were attached. We very much appreciate these—and hope that more of you will decide to use to send us food, detergent, litter, paper plates, dishwashing liquid—just about anything related to animal care. Below is a reminder about how to do so and what foods the animals like best.


As I told you earlier, I lost some teeth and have extensive damage to my gums due to a dog fight. I don't have any insurance except Medicare and it doesn't cover dental. My mouth became so infected I was having to keep gauze in it to soak up the leakage. Almost all the upper teeth have come out in pieces. The pain is almost unbearable at times.

Then, I started to get very dizzy. Driving was very difficult. Still, I had to feed, water and clean—and I CAN TELL YOU WITH PRIDE THAT THE ANIMAL CARE HAS NOT SUFFERED. I do have to drive to feed the strays, so I go in the middle of the night when this small town has hardly any traffic.

This condition became worse every day. On the 26th, I couldn't climb the three steps into the house. I fell three times trying, so I simply lay on the ground holding on because it felt like the earth was trying to eject me from the surface. My Aunt Lillian came by and saw me. She called my son, who called an ambulance. He got here before the paramedics and made sure I didn't try to get up again. When the paramedic took my blood pressure, he said, "Oh, my God. Let's get going!" My pressure was 290 over 215. He thought I was having a stroke.

At the hospital, they gave me morphine for the pain, a pill for the blood pressure and an aspirin--and started fluids. That was all they did as far as medicine was concerned. They kept me that night even though I was begging to come home. Thankfully, I had put down extra food and water and even extra litter boxes that day. I guess somewhere in my mind I knew I was going to have some down time. My son stayed for a while then he left to check on the animals, which he is always willing to do.

The next day, they finally had the BP down to 210 over 155. They weren't doing anything for the pain after the original shot. I told them I was going home, so they might as well bring me the paper to sign saying I was leaving against medical advice. The doctor came in to talk to me and agreed to let me get the MRI,the Lexiscan and the ultrascan as an out-patient, so I could come home. So, I came home with an appointment for the next morning at 7:30 and no prescriptions for BP, pain or anything. The doctor wasn't listening to me. He was hung up on a heart attack even though ALL THE TESTS SHOW NO PROBLEM WITH MY HEART. It did show hypertension but I wasn't getting anything to treat that. I was told, "nothing by mouth after midnight." At 11:45 I drank a coke and went to sleep on my pallet with the little dogs snuggled next to me. (I really HAVE to get a bed!!)

When I arrived for my appointment, I was asked when was the last time I had caffeine. I told them the time. Then I was told they couldn't do the Lexiscan because I had to be without caffeine for 12 hours. One of the techs actually yelled at me, calling me "a stupid old woman who couldn't or wouldn't follow instructions." I handed her my papers which clearly said "nothing by mouth after midnight" and NOTHING about "no caffeine for 12 hours." She did not apologize for her unprofessional behavior. I now have an appointment for the Lexiscan on Friday at 8:30 a.m. Still no med for infection, pain or BP. We will just wait and see.

One of the nurses, the only person who showed any real concern for my well-being, told me I had to get the splintered teeth pulled and the gums treated or I stood a very good chance of never getting well. She said my bloodwork showed the highest level of infection she had ever seen in anyone. But all of this will cost almost $5,000—none of which Medicare will cover.

But I am assured that getting rid of the infection will make me well.

So, again, I wait--hoping for a miracle.

* * * * * * *

Following is a reminder of how to use This program is a HUGE help to the shelter:

1. Type in into your browser.
2. Locate the words “Wish List” on the far right of your screen.
3. Click on the down arrow beside the words “Wish List” – Scroll down and click on “Find A Wish List or Registry.”
4. You will then see a box in the middle of your screen with the word “Search” at the far end of it.
5. Type ALL CREATURES ARE TRULY SPECIAL, INC. into the box and click on “Search.”
6. Our Amazon site will come up (with our name included) and show a long list of items we badly need.
7. Choose item or items you would like to send us. Check out as you would when ordering from any on-line store.

* * * * * * * *

 Most of our dogs prefer poultry products—as that kind agrees better with their digestive systems. Their favorite is Ol’Roy chicken flavor from Wal-Mart.

 The dogs do not like Alpo’s canned food but will eat their dry food.

 The Pedigree brands of dog food are too spicy for our dogs. They will not eat it.

 In general, the cats prefer poultry in both canned and dry foods.

* * * * * * * *


From Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Croghan “in loving memory of LIBBY.”

* * * * * * * *

STAMP REPORT—Since our last report, we have received 134 stamps from Mardi Hoofnagle, Jamie Reagin and Lois Holbrook. We have 27 now in our inventory. Let’s make June a great stamp month.

* * * * * * * *


To Fred Mitchell for your so very generous support, which enabled us to purchase a storage building to replace the one demolished by the massive storm. You are truly our guardian angel.

To Gail Brown for sending such a wonderful gift of support in response to our plea for help to repair the storm damage. We very much appreciate your blessings and also believe in prayer as a guide for decisions.

To Barbara Johnson for sending extra support to help with storm damage repair.

To Nancy Johnson for your special donation to help us recover from the storm--and your note with its blessings.

To Renee Merback for your gift to help the shelter recover from the storm crisis.

To Karen Garvin for your monthly on-line support through PayPal.

To Nancy Donahue for your financial support to help recover from the storm emergency.

To Vicky Murphy for the extra gift you sent to help repair storm damage--plus your monthly on-line support.

To Kathy Beckman for sending us a Lowes gift card. Considering all the storm damage, it is much appreciated.

To Mardi Hoofnagle for sending extra support to help defray storm damage repair costs

To Mary Jane Johnson for your very generous extra gift to help us recover from the storm.

To Bill Musso for your gift of a PetsMart gift card plus a special gift of support.

To Misty Jenkins for sending extra support in this time of great need.

To Walter Gordy for sending us a very generous donation to help repair the storm damage.

To Carol Clenney for your consistent monthly support.
To Bonnie Strohm for sending a special gift to help repair storm damage.

To Gloria Overbey and Mildred Ferrell for your consistent help to defray our veterinary medical bills.

To Deborah Heald for sending special on-line support to help us recover from the storm damage.

To Jim and Barbara Mooney for your financial support and prayers.

To Susan Houser for your gift to be used where most needed.

To Linda Gettle for sending extra financial help this month. It is greatly appreciated.

To Bill Underwood for your very generous financial support to “help out the weak side.” We have missed your notes quoting Winston Churchill’s motivating words. And, yes, we have a lot of military people among our friends and relatives, both past and present, and could never forget the 70th anniversary of D-Day on June 6.

To Jim Riddle for your gift to help with the storm damage repair.

To Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Croghan for sending a special gift to help the shelter recover from the storm.

To Gloria Young for the extra support and wonderful kitten card. Your very kind words are so very much appreciated.

To Randall Dyer for your special gift to help with shelter repair.

To Nadine Hereth for your support and note—which I had no trouble reading. I hope your health improves.

To The Laddins for sending extra support to help us recover from the storm.

* * * * * * * *

IN THE NEWS –This post is a Care2 favorite. It was originally published on March 7, 2012. Written by Jude Mignacca of New York.

Every animal I have ever had the pleasure of having in my life has been a stray taken from the streets. One September day in 2009, a friend called me quite upset and told me that her granddaughter had begun feeding a small stray cat who had shown up in her backyard. The cat seemed to be blind, and the other strays would “punk” this little cat out of its food and it was getting thinner and thinner despite the daily ration of tuna being offered. I asked her what made her think the cat was blind, and she replied, “because when she looks at you, there’s no eyes in the sockets.”

She had called Animal Control, and when the officer came and saw the cat, he didn’t want to touch it. He tried sneaking up the cat, and lowering a carrier over it, only succeeding in scaring the bejeezus out if it. The kitty ran head-long into the neighbor’s stockade fence, bounced off, squeezed under it and hid in the neighbor’s yard for two days. But knowing where the daily meal was coming from, it made its way back to my friend’s back porch. “It’s getting cold at night, Jude. Can you please come and get this cat?” she asked. I arrived the next morning as the granddaughter went to the back porch and with tuna in hand and called, “Here, kitty kitty.”

With a tiny meow, out from under a clump of bushes came a small skinny little grey and black striped tabby. Sure enough, the eye sockets were just empty pink membranes. We sat quietly while the cat ate, and then my friend’s granddaughter gently picked the little cat up and placed her in my carrier. A trip to my vet confirmed this tiny female was approximately two years old, spayed, dehydrated, malnourished, with infected anal glands, and yes, she had been born without eyes. She had also obviously been owned by someone; but after three weeks of extensive Lost and Found ads in numerous local publications without a response, she was mine.

Getting healthier and stronger by the day, she explored my house from top to bottom, me following her like a hysterical mama removing objects from her path. But she quickly got the hang of navigating the cellar stairs and the furniture legs, the jump to the top of the couch and, of course, the dog. Her meow is very sweet and musical, so I named her in honor of Stevie Wonder. She’s my snuggly little sweetie and I’m blessed to have her.

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