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Very Scared

Sent: July 27, 2014

I don't get really scared often. Today I am. I have a half bag of dog food and only enough cat food for two days and absolutely no litter. I have only one hundred dollars to my name. Please, someone, help me! The $100.00 will feed the dogs for one day. After tomorrow, there will be no food. I desperately need someone to put money in my bank account with Wells Fargo, or mail it directly to me, not to the Post Office box. Any checks sent to me would need to be made to me, Carolyn Keeton Gunter. I am so sorry to have to ask this of you. Pat goes to the post office every 10 days, so checks sent there do not reach me for several days depending on when she has last been there and even then it takes a couple of days for me to have use of the money. As you can tell, we need a new system. This one works well when we have enough money coming in. It doesn't work well in emergencies. This is an emergency.
My address is:
Carolyn Gunter
138 Ham Rd
Albertville, AL 35951

The banking info is:
Carolyn Keeton Gunter
routing code: 062000080
account number: 1010219949970

Please, please help me feed these animals.

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