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Sent: July 21, 2015

For the first time ever, I didn't have food for all the animals today. Twelve animals did not have anything to eat. I have no transportation to pick up food, no money to buy it if I did. Tonight I will have to beg the cab man to take me to restaurants to ask for left-overs.

We desperately need food. I don't even have food for me because I fed what I had to the dogs. I will not be able to sleep until I find something for these dogs to eat.

Please send food or donations to help us. I understand food can be purchased at one Wal-Mart and picked up at another. If you decide to do this, please put it under the name Carolyn Keeton. All my ID says Keeton. I do not use Gunter anymore.

And on the subject of vehicles..... I need a cheap vehicle. I have found one on a lot that is owned by a friend of my son. He will let me buy it for $800.00 down and $299.99 a month. Please consider making a donation for this truck. Without transportation, I can't take animals to the vet or pick up food. I feel helpless in this condition.

Also, I need minutes on my phone. It went off tonight. I have the $35 unlimited plan with Verizon.

And one more thing: I need a clothes dryer. I have had to quit using bedding because all the blankets are dirty and I have no way to get them to the laundromat.

Thank you for whatever help you can provide to the animals.

Anyone wanting to send money or food/supplies directly to the shelter may do so at: 138 Ham Rd, Albertville, AL 35951. The mail is usually faster than Pay-Pal. But any help from you is so appreciated--no matter how provided!!!


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