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Sent: October 31, 2015

Telephone/Text: 256-302-3823
P.O. Box 1095 Dawsonville GA 30534-0022
All Donations Are Tax Deductible

“I had to have company -- I was made for it, I think -- so I made friends with the animals. They are just charming, and they have the kindest disposition and the politest ways; they never look sour, they never let you feel that you are intruding, they smile at you and wag their tail, if they've got one, and they are always ready for a romp or an excursion or anything you want to propose.” ― Mark Twain, Eve's Diary

“Animals, like us, are living souls. They are not things. They are not objects. Neither are they human. Yet they mourn. They love. They dance. They suffer. They know the peaks and chasms of being.” ― Gary Kowalski, The Souls of Animals

Dear Friends,

October turned out to be a very difficult month—for two main reasons.

1. The transmission of the truck, on which I had just made the final payment, has failed. A new one is urgently needed. The man at the local repair shop says the total cost will be $1,200. He will fix it with a down payment of $600 and wait a couple of months for the other half. FYI – The other shops I contacted were higher in cost.

It is urgent that this repair is done immediately. Without it, I have no way to take animals to the vet, pick up food, and get supplies without paying for a rental. PLEASE—We need your help now!!

2. The injury I suffered as described in an earlier message. I am doing very much better now and the doctor says I may return to my regular duties. I want to thank all of you who wrote to me and sent extra support so that I could be sure of being able to pay our employees.

* * * * * *

PLEASE send as much food or supplies as possible to the shelter at 138 Ham Road, Albertville 35951. It does save us time and travel expense if it is delivered. IT IS NOW EVEN MORE IMPORTANT TO HAVE FOOD AND SUPPLIES SENT TO THE SHELTER SINCE, AS STATED ABOVE, WE HAVE NO TRANSPORTATION.

If you order it at your local Wal-Mart, tell them that it will be picked up at our Guntersville store. Please put it under the name Carolyn Keeton. The animals do best on Purina Cat or Dog chow.

* * * * * *


There were a total of seven adoptions in October. All were wonderful but one stood out. Huey, a large dog who was abandoned here years ago, had been visited several times by a great couple, who obviously loved him. Well, in mid-October they came and took him home. It was heartwarming to see the joy on their faces and his.

* * * * * * *


Thanks to supporters who wish to remain anonymous, we now have a brand new laptop computer enabling me to be in communication whenever and wherever I need to go. The same donors have helped us greatly with donations to help pay our employees. The cost is $400 per week.

We desperately need your continued extra financial support to be able to afford to keep these excellent employees.

We do still need a gas-powered weed eater to keep the shelter grounds looking good. If anyone can help us get a new (or used) one, please let us know.

* * * * * *


Since our last report, we have received 130 stamps from Mardi Hoofnagle, Lois Holbrook, David Garvin and Jamie Reagin. Keep them coming. We can never have too many!

* * * * * *

THANK YOU—Please be assured that our thanks are not limited to the specific names below. We appreciate so very much all the love and support sent by every single one of you. If your name should be included, please let us know.

To Vicky Murphy once again for your monthly on-line support through PayPal. We appreciate so much being able to count on your help each and every month.

To Renee Merback for your support and kind words. We also appreciate your sending us the supply of return envelopes.

To Mildred Ferrell for your support to be used for veterinary expense.

To Martha Milton for arranging a generous grant from the Foundation of which you are a member.

To Mardi Hoofnagle for again sending support, stamps and Lowes card. It is very much appreciated.

To Irv and Gail Laddin for your continued monthly support. We greatly appreciate it.

To Kathy Beckman for the very much needed Lowes gift card.

To Marianne Pugh for your generous on-line support.

To Gloria Overbey for regularly helping us with our veterinary bills.

To Mary Jane Johnson for continuing to help both the animals and me—with your very generous support each and every month. Your extra support in October was oh so welcome!

To Mr. Mrs. Dennis Croghan for your support to be used where most needed.

* * * * * *


The American Association of Feline Practitioners ( states that regular check-ups for cats is vital—mainly due to the rapid aging rate of felines. Cats are about 15 human years of age in their first year of life and 24 after they reach two years of age. After that, they age about four “cat years” for every calendar year. Since a lot can happen to a cat’s health in the equivalent of four years, yearly check-ups are very important.

* * * * * *


Many items we use to care for the safety and comfort of our animals are available at either Home Depot or Lowes. Gift cards from either place are much appreciated. SEE NEW ITEM AND UPDATE BELOW.

**Please note that although our utility bill is no longer setting records, it is still $136.31. Please try to help us with this expense.

Gift cards for any other store at which we can buy items needed at the shelter, such as bleach, detergent, tall kitchen bags, paper plates, Pine-Sol, brooms, scrub buckets, dishwashing liquid, dry cat and dog food, cat and dog treats, and paper towels. Wal-Mart, Kroger, PETCO, Home Depot, Lowes and PetSmart cards are especially welcome.

NEW ITEM: As described above, we need a new or used gas-powered weed eater to help keep the shelter grounds neat and tidy.

Purchase of gasoline is a major expense. Gift cards would help a lot. We have Chevron, Amoco, Conoco, BP, Shell and Texaco stations nearby.

NEW ITEM: It has become evident that a small laptop computer would be VERY helpful to use when I have to be away from the shelter for various reasons, including rescues, adoptions and/or food pickup. If anyone has a used one in very good condition, we would be grateful if you could send it to us at 138 Ham Road, Albertville AL 35951. UPDATE: As noted above, we have received a new laptop computer from anonymous donors.

Any type of animal medicine.

A special gift designated to help with our veterinary bills.

Help with utility bills. (See note above.)

* * * * * *

IN THE NEWS – From BuzzWorthy – August 2015

A dog found nine years after he first went missing has led to one very happy family in Alabama. The family and the dog may have been separated for almost a decade, but a simple process managed to reunite them. What’s the scoop on this happy reunion?

According to KUSA, Lloyd Goldston and his family lost Boozer when they were in the process of moving from Tennessee to Alabama nearly a decade ago. Though they looked for the pup at the time, the move made it difficult to search intensively it seems. They never forgot the boxer named Boozer and even kept a photo album filled with pictures of him.

Reports indicate that the man who had owned Boozer most recently moved from out of state to Denver and was no longer able to care for the boxer. The dog was taken to the Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden, Colorado, and they scanned the dog for a microchip. As it happens, Boozer had a chip.

The microchip carried the Goldston’s information, but for their previous home in Tennessee. However, the shelter managed to track down the Goldston family in Alabama. The Gazette shares that the Goldston family drove out to Colorado and reunited with the dog found nine years after he went missing.

Lloyd and his two children made the 18-hour drive to the Foothills Animal Shelter, and it seems that quite a few tears were shed during the reunion. The family hugged on Boozer and marveled at how beautiful he is. It seems they are over-the-moon at being reunited after almost a decade apart.

The family was filled with emotion as they waited to reunite with the dog, wondering if he had been taken care of and whether he would recognize them. It did not take long for the dog and family to fall back in love with one another again and the family looks forward to spending a lot of quality time together.

Every once in a while a story circulates about a family being reunited with a dog or cat who had gone missing for some time. Coming across a reunion after nearly a decade, however, is fairly unusual.

The Goldston family says they never forgot Boozer, and now the dog found nine years after going missing has a lot of catching up to do with his original owners. From the looks of things, there is a lot of pampering ahead for Boozer now that he’s back with his original family.

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