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Electric Bill

Sent: March 25, 2016

Our electricity will be cut off if the bill of $204.51 isn't paid by 03/28/2016. I have no money. Will someone please pay this so our animals can continue to be cared for properly. The address is The account # is 207601-107264. The phone # is 256-878-3761. Please, someone, pay this for us. I am in tears over this. I am trying so hard to continue this shelter, but it is very hard to do everything with no help in the actual physical work department. I haven't had money to pay help in a month. I am in constant pain and my doctors say I can expect to live with this unless I have surgery. I have never heard of anyone having back surgery that was pain free afterward. In fact, they are almost always worse, so I have declined the surgery. But, I do need help. Right now, it is the electric bill that concerns me most. Thank you all for all you do.

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