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My Mistake

Sent: April 4, 2016

I made a huge mistake in the last message I sent. I was told by a new employee of the Al Revenue Dept that the property would be sold tomorrow at 11:00 am. That was a mistake. Tomorrow at 11:00 AM the list of properties to be sold and their approximate value will be read aloud from the Courthouse steps and the property, but not the value, will be printed in the paper. This is embarrassing but not lethal. The actual last date for the taxes to be paid is April 28th and the sale date is May 2nd. This is because the 28th is a Friday and taxes can't be paid over the weekend and there will be no time to pay them on May 2nd to stop the sale. So, now, I still need lots of help, I just have 14 days to get all the money. And most importantly, our animals won't have to go to animal control. I apologize profusely for the mistake which was a total misunderstanding on my part. Please help all you can. Unless I get the money, this terrible thing could still happen. I will take every cent down to the Courthouse on the very day I receive it. The lady in the office said that could be done as I receive it and, if for some reason I don't get the full amount, any monies received would be returned to me. This is a small town and our Government seems to work on a more personal basis.
The sooner this is paid, the better. I am still begging for help.
Thank you,

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