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Sent: August 3, 2016


Telephone/Text: 256-302-3823

P.O. Box 1095 Dawsonville GA 30534-0022
All Donations Are Tax Deductible

“But perhaps the most important lesson I learned is that there are no walls between humans and the elephants except those that we put up ourselves, and that until we allow not only elephants, but all living creatures their place in the sun, we can never be whole ourselves.”
― Lawrence Anthony, The Elephant Whisperer

“I wish I could convey the perfection of a seal slipping into water or a spider monkey swinging from point to point or a lion merely turning its head. But language founders in such seas. Better to picture it in your head if you want to feel it...I spent more hours than I can count a quiet witness to the highly mannered, manifold expressions of life that grace our planet. It is something so bright, loud, weird and delicate as to stupefy the senses.” ― Yann Martel, Life of Pi

Dear Friends,


July was a personally heartbreaking month. Three of my very beloved aunts – Lillian, Lamuriel and Castell – died within a few days of each other. It doesn’t even seem real now—like a nightmare from which I cannot wake up. These ladies were wonderful people—always with a kind and encouraging word and a willingness to help. I am told that what I am feeling is shock and that it is normal and I will soon recover.

The care of the animals has not suffered—largely because of my new employee, Katlyn (Kat for short). She is a wonderful addition to the shelter. She loves the animals and is extremely fast and efficient. She understands my grief as her family knew and loved my aunts, too.

* * * * * *

On a more positive note—I am happy to report that four puppies and two kittens were adopted during July. They all went to members of Kat’s church, and my visits have shown they are great adoptive parents.

* * * * * *

I know I sound like a broken record--but we do badly need more of your help with food. PLEASE – If you can possibly do so, help us by:

(1) ordering food to be sent to the shelter—the most efficient way is to order through the Wal-Mart in Guntersville to be sent to us at 138 Ham Road, Albertville AL 35951,

(2) sending support on-line using PayPal,

(3) sending Wal-Mart or PetSmart gift cards or

(4) sending a check to the Post Office address stating it is to be used for food.

Don’t let our animals go hungry!

* * * * * *

We also urgently need your extra help with our utility bills. With the air conditioners running 24/7, our bill totalled more than $700 in July. We came within one day of having the power shut off—which would have been a disaster.

Please consider making an extra or special donation in August to help us ensure the health and safety of the animals.

* * * * * *


This month has been so stressful and busy, and I may well have missed listing your name in this section. If so, I sincerely apologize. If your name should have been included and was not, please let us know so we can correct the omission. Please be assured that we greatly appreciate every bit of support we receive.

To Vicky Murphy once again for your monthly on-line support. We appreciate being able to count on your support each and every month.

To Jamie Reagin for sending both food and stamps in addition to your monthly financial support.

To Kathy Beckman for the greatly appreciated Lowes gift card.

To Mary Jane Johnson for continuing to help us—with your on line support each and every month to help both me personally and the shelter. Plus your extremely generous extra donation in July!

To Victoria Johnson for sending both food and other much-needed items.

To Joanne Croghan for your consistent shelter support.

To Gloria Overbey for your help with vet bills.

* * * * * *

ANIMAL WELFARE – Most of us are all too familiar with the feeling of dread that comes upon us when we pass by the window of a car and realize that a dog has been left inside on a hot day. What should I do? Do I break the window? Do I call the police? Do I try to find the car owner? There’s no easy answer, unfortunately, and those decisions are ones that only you can make, but now you can be better prepared for your next encounter.

“My Dog is Cool” is a campaign designed by the RedRover animal protection charity to educate people about the dangers hot weather poses to dogs. Through their “Don’t Leave Me in Here — It’s Hot!” fliers and posters, you can have what you need on hand to try and influence the behavior of dog guardians who need a reminder about the dangers of hot cars. These are great to place on a windshield of an offender’s vehicle or to hang on the door of a local business willing to notify their customers that leaving pets in the car is not okay during warm weather.

RedRover advises that if you see a dog in distress in a hot car, you should call the local animal control agency, police or 911 right away and, if possible, you can also try to find the dog’s owner by going into the adjacent business and making an announcement.

RedRover provides the following signs of an animal who is in danger of death by heatstroke:

Excessive panting
Excessive drooling
Increased heart rate
Trouble breathing
Collapse or loss of consciousness
Respiratory arrest

According to RedRover, at least 14 states and many municipalities have laws that specifically address the problem of animals left in cars in extreme temperatures. And some states without these provisions may consider leaving an animal in an enclosed car to be animal cruelty. However, many of us have hit a road block when calling the police to report these crimes as the dispatcher or the department itself often don’t consider these situations a priority. Heat stroke can take hold in just 10 minutes or less, so sometimes the dog simply cannot wait for authorities who may or may not be on the way.

* * * * * *


Many items we use to care for the safety and comfort of our animals are available at either Home Depot or Lowes. Gift cards from either place are much appreciated.

Gift cards for any other store at which we can buy items needed at the shelter, such as bleach, detergent, tall kitchen bags, paper plates, Pine-Sol, brooms, scrub buckets, dishwashing liquid, dry cat and dog food, cat and dog treats, and paper towels. Walmart, Kroger, PETCO, Home Depot, Lowes and PetSmart cards are especially welcome.

Purchase of gasoline is a major expense. Gift cards would help a lot. Nearby stations include Chevron, Amoco, Conoco, BP, Shell and Texaco.

Any type of animal medicine.

A special gift designated to help with our veterinary bills.

Our utility bills vary from month to month but your help with paying them is always very much appreciated.

STILL NEEDED: Electric floor cleaner. I understand Swiffer makes a very good one.

STILL NEEDED: Belt pulley for shelter lawn mower - $80. Mower will not start without this.

STILL NEEDED: Repair or replacement of truck transmission - $800.

ALWAYS NEEDED: Paper towels and laundry detergent. These are needed in large amounts daily. Please help.

* * * * * *

IN THE NEWS – A pregnant dog buried alive under paving stones for two days was rescued by local hero Rustam Vadim who heard a soft barking sound as he walked home with family in the Russian city of Voronezh.

Concerned about the dog’s survival, Rustam immediately went to the public utilities office to ask for help in rescuing her but was told that that department had not made the repair to a long-standing large hole in the street and they could not help. Apparently, workers from a different government agency had made the repair and were unaware of the dog hiding in the hole as they sealed it over with paving stones.

“My husband started to hammer to pull out the cobblestone and to hand dig out the sand because he did not have a shovel,” Rustam’s wife explains. “There was a gap that laid between the large cobblestones. My husband removed one stone and saw the face of a dog. He started to slowly pull out the dog as she is pregnant. After rescuing the dog, we recovered the hole so there is no threat to people.”

The dog was reportedly taken to a shelter and is being cared for. How many of you would like a man like Rustam as your friend or neighbor?

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