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Desperately need help

Sent: November 9, 2017

I know I am always needing help. I was told today it is because I haven't sent out a newsletter last month or, so far, this month. I promise to send one this week. I have just been so tired I couldn't. Just sitting and trying to compose my thoughts seemed like an impossibility. It was a struggle to even get up and when I did, I was so dizzy I couldn't walk more than a few feet without stopping to rest. But, after a hated trip to the doctor, I know what was wrong and am getting better every day. I thought I was simply exhausted. Turns out I was trying to work with BP of 320/298 and I had flu that had then turned into pneumonia. My doctor said most people would have died under these circumstances. I will never again be so stubborn about going to the doctor.
But, right now, I need help. Only one check has come in for the shelter in the last week and nothing at all for this week. I am desperate. I have 3 kittens who have runny eyes and need to see the vet. There are absolutely no cleaning supplies here. No paper towels, no Pine-Sol, no dish detergent, no detergent for washing blankets, no bleach.....well, you get the idea. I also need hay for the dog houses, cedar shavings for the ground they walk on around the building and the runs. In fact, if a shelter uses it, this one needs it. And that is no exaggeration. Please, PLEASE help if you can. Thank you, Carolyn
And, I promise a newsletter this week!!!

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