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All CATS trying message again

Sent: January 9, 2018

I am going to try sending another message and hope I am not told the program is not working properly and I need to shut it down.
I am going to start with a list of the things we desperately need : dog food, cat food, cat litter, propane for heater (comes in 20lb), actually need second heater, can be purchased at Lowe's), need 2-20lb propane tanks(we are using borrowed ones) these can be purchased at Lowe's, paper towels, large tarp, trash bags, laundry detergent, dish detergent, wheat straw (can be purchased at co-op). We need 6 Simparica tablets for large dogs. These cost between $18.00 and $20.00 depending on where we can find them. All our animals need their annual rabies and/or booster shots. Still need gravel, now more than ever.
And, of course, we need money or cards for gasoline, cleaning supplies, etc. Most products can be purchased at Walmart. We can use gift cards from just about anywhere. Lowe's and Walmart cards are especially welcome. If you can help us with any, dare I say "all", we would be most grateful. I can be reached by text at: I check these messages daily. I have worked very hard finding forever homes for some of our animals. November saw an increase in adoptions. Twelve dogs/puppies and eight cats/kittens were adoptions.
Thank you for all you do to keep us going.

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