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Sent: December 26, 2005

64 Lumpkin County Park Drive Dahlonega, GA 30533

Mailing Addresses: P. O. Box 1095, Dawsonville, GA 30534-0022 OR 4907 23rd Boulevard, Valley AL 36854

All Donations are Tax Deductible - Depending on your Individual Tax Situations, a Donation before Year-End May be of Benefit to You!

Dear Friends,

A great deal of our time in December was spent on reuniting Katrina rescue animals with their families. This is a very difficult job?the biggest problem being a lack of money to get them back where they belong AND getting FEMA to allow the animals to be with their families in the trailers which have been set up.

My son and his crew have built houses for the dogs that can live outside. Unfortunately, the small dogs and the cats can?t be returned home until proper housing is available. We are still trying to deal with FEMA on the issue of smaller animals. FEMA is afraid the animals will damage the trailers.

One of the dogs we did return home was a great big dog named Fuffles. He was so excited to see his little boy again that he just couldn?t stop licking him. The little boy was very excited, too. He said all he wanted for Christmas was to have Fuffles home again. Santa could give any toys for him to some other kids who weren?t as lucky as he was. That is a BIG statement from a seven year old. He also sent us a wonderful letter, and we are printing it exactly as written:

"Dear Mis Pat and Mis Carlin and All Creaturs,

"Thank you so much for getting Fuffles back to me. I love him very much. He is my best friend and I missed him very much. Thank all the people who went in the house to save him for me. All of you are very nice people for helping us. I was afrad he was dead until I saw his picture on the saved bord. Thank everyone for helping feed him. Someday I will help save animals too. I wish there was a lot more people like All Creaturs. You are all very wonderful and you will always be my friend and Fuffles friend too. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Love ? Steven Tyler Henry."

I think that letter says we all did a good job, and it makes all the hard work worth while. Please help us get some of the other animals back to their people. Saving them was only half the job. The rest of it is getting them all back home.
LAND PAYMENT?Thank you to Steve Hoofnagle, Tammie Porter, Lois Holbrook, Mildred Ferrell, Avis Buchanan and Dena Roesler for your donations toward this payment. Steve?s donation was in honor of Mardi Hoofnagle?s birthday?and will be matched by his company. Dena?s donation is also matched by her company.


WINTERIZING--With winter upon us, we need lots of items to ensure the animals are comfortable during the colder months. Most of these are available at either Home Depot or Lowes. We would very much appreciate the donation of gift cards from either place. Many thanks to Steve Hoofnagle and Tammie Porter for your on-line donations to our Fuel Fund. Steve?s donation was a ?Merry Christmas? gift to Mardi Hoofnagle.

VET EXPENSE UPDATE: Since our last report, we have received donations for veterinary care from Gloria Overbey, Mary Jane Johnson, Avis Buchanan, Tammie Porter and Dena Roesler--we send all of you a heartfelt Thank You. We ask that all of our supoprters consider a gift to this fund?so our animals will NEVER have to suffer for lack of medical care. PLEASE REMEMBER--You may donate toward veterinary care in any one of the following four ways:

? Sending us a check made out to Murrayville Veterinary Clinic for whatever amount you wish to contribute OR
? Sending a check made out to ALL C.A.T.S., Inc. indicating the donation is to be used for general veterinary expense.
? Send a check directly to Murrayville Veterinary Clinic, P.O. Box 406, Murrayville, GA 30564. Be sure to indicate that it is to be applied to the All C.A.T.S., Inc. account.
? To donate online, visit our web portal (, and click on Vet Expenses under our How You Can Help menu.
? Then, select Veterinary Expenses and you'll be able to pay online instantly using your credit card and/or checking account.


STAMP REPORT? Since our last report, we received 284 stamps (vs. 208 needed) from Mardi Hoofnagle, Jamie Reagin, Barbara Johnson, Elinor Eaves, Lois Holbrook, Marsha Walton, Nancy Caravello, Betty Phillips, Linda Gettle, Gloria Overbey and Connie Rice. Our thanks to all of you. Please continue your generosity throughout 2006. It?s even more important, as the price of stamps goes up to 39 cents in January.



 To Carol Clenney for your continuing sponsorship of one of our shelter kitties.

 To Kathy Spiker for your continuing on-line sponsorship of PIGSY TAIL.

 To Laura Hagen for your continuing on-line sponsorship of BLACKIE .

 To Dennis and Lyn Baldauf for your donation ?for PUTTER.?

 To Kevin Donahue for your monthly sponsorship donation for JUMPING JACK.

 To Gail Brown for her work caring for 15 Katrina-refugee families?plus all the work she does to help animals.

 To Gloria Overbey, Tammie Porter and Tiny & Lee Theroux for your donations in support of our Katrina Orphans.



From Joanne Croghan ?in loving memory of BANDIT, BBC FUZZBUTT AND MAX. We miss them.? We also belatedly want to thank you Joanne for your generous donation to the Katrina rescue effort in September. We apologize for not recognizing you sooner.

From Pat Kachur "in memory of TWYX, who passed away on December 9."



Barbara Johnson ? Thank you so much for your ?little something extra.?

Avis Buchanan, who wrote ? ?Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing.?

Annette Gonzales ? whose note read ?My sweet husband said he wanted to get me something nice for the Holidays, so I said I?d like my gift to be a donation to ALL CATS for all the great work you do. I feel blessed to have all I have, so this year I thought you could use this more than me.?

Jacquelyn Rucker ? who said about our November newsletter that ?it was wonderful in so many ways, especially your work in rescue of the Katrina orphans!? and about the new Rome by-law, it ?is especially good news. Years ago I was in Rome and remember the cats in the coliseum.?

Kevin Donahue for his Christmas and New Years? greetings to all of us.

Elly Meyer?Your wonderful Puppy in the Christmas Stocking card was very much enjoyed.

Margaret and Gerard Mitchell for the wonderful Santa with dogs and kitties card and for your note, which we quote here: ?Thank you for all the wonderful work you and your helpers have done for all the helpless animals in 2005. It?s been a terrible year for human?s best friends, and you have been their bright and shining star.?

Joni Langston ? who wrote that ?My nephew-in-law, Chuck Ramsey, didn?t want a Christmas present but asked that I donate his ?gift? to a worthy cause. I find you very worthy!?



1. A special, extra donation for general operating expenses.
2. A donation earmarked for our electric bill (amount varies) and/or garbage bill (always $141.40).
3. Those of you who take or send food and/or supplies to the shelter?continue and accelerate if possible.
4. A special veterinary fund donation (see above).
5. Chain link fencing and the ?stuff? needed to install it?as described above. A gift card for any place that sells fencing, etc., would be much appreciated!!!
6. Gift card for Home Depot or Lowes for buying many cleaning supplies?buckets, brooms, etc.
7. Gift card for any other store at which we can buy items needed at the shelter. Wal-Mart, Kroger, PetSmart and Ingles cards are especially welcome.
8. Purchase AND delivery to the shelter in Alabama of Dogloos, especially XLarge.
9. Any type of animal medicine.
10. Purchase AND delivery to the shelter of bleach, detergent, Glad tall kitchen bags, paper plates, Pine-Sol, brooms, scrub buckets, dishwashing liquid, canned and dry cat food, dry dog food, cat and dog treats, paper towels. USE ABOVE PHYSICAL ADDRESSES OF THE SHELTER TO SEND US ANY ITEMS TOO LARGE FOR A POST OFFICE BOX.



White Plans, NY ? November 11, 2005 ? ?This will probably be the first time a dog?s memorial service is attended by 300 cats. A schnauzer-Siberian husky mix named Ginny will be eulogized November 19 at the Westchester Cat Show, where she was named Cat of the Year in 1998 for her uncanny skill and bravery in finding and rescuing endangered felines. She died in August at age 17. Ginny once threw herself against a vertical pipe at a construction site to topple it and reveal the kittens trapped inside. Another time she ignored the cuts on her paws as she dug through a box of broken glass to find an injured cat inside.

?Her owner, Philip Gonzales of Long Beach, said that he has tried to train other dogs to rescue cats but ?They just didn?t have it. I didn?t train her?Ginny was just magical in a way. I adopted her from a shelter, and they said she?d never been with cats before. She just had this knack of knowing when a cat was in trouble.?

?As he used to do with Ginny, Gonzales still goes out every night to feed stray cats in the area. The cats seem to miss Ginny too, he said. ?They want nothing to do with my other dogs. They used to come up to Ginny and rub against her, even if I was putting food out.? FROM MSNBC ? OTHER PET NEWS ? November 11, 2005.

All Creatures Are Truly Special, Inc.

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