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Sent: January 27, 2006

We just received the following email from TenthLife Rescue. This kitty deserves a loving home for what remains of her life. The email is self-explanatory.

Please post to rescue lists - 15 year old orphaned Siamese

There has been NO other response; cat is still in empty house!

Please let me know if you can take her.

This case was referred to Tenth Life Rescue a couple of weeks ago:
Jessica is a 15 year old female chocolate point Siamese, declawed, indoors only. Her owner went into hospice around Nov. & died in Dec. Jessica has been alone in the owner's home since then. A nephew, the only remaining relative, has been coming by to feed her (his daughter's allergies prohibit him from taking the cat). Jessica is generally healthy. She just had shots, tests, & dental.

Contact if you can provide a remainder-of-lifetime home for Jessica: Colleen at the Cat Doctor, 404-257-0048. Colleen's email:
Or (me, Lee). Either Colleen or I can put you in touch with the nephew, if you want to deal directly with him.

I have been in contact with vet's office and owner to verify age, situation, and medical history. Jessica has slightly compromised kidneys and should start on k/d diet, no other problems.

- Lee, Director
Tenth Life Rescue, Home and Hospice for Elderly Cats

Resident Manager: Cowboy
Staff Manager: Tabby June
Staff: Baby Boy, Pinkle Purr, Winnie, Pansy, and Doris ("The Big Meow")
Freeloader: Big Purr

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