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Sent: October 29, 2007

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 1095
Dawsonville GA 30534-0022

Physical Address:
64 Lumpkin County Park Drive
Dahlonega, GA 30533

Telephone: 706 518 7905

Please Send all Donations/Letters to the Above Post Office Address. Thank You!

Dear Friends,

Ever since our organization was founded, I have started each newsletter with those two words, “Dear Friends,” because I feel that all of you are friends—because you share with me the love of animals. Friendship is based on, among other things, a sharing of thoughts and feelings. So, this month I want to share with you some of those thoughts and feelings which have quite recently come to the front of my mind.

A few months ago, three young cousins of mine were killed in a one-car accident in Alabama. None of them were more than 25 years old. As you surely realize, this was an absolutely terrible time for our family and all of their friends. We gathered together to try to begin to heal—and were just beginning to be able to deal with their losses, when, in just the last month, more tragedy. First, my son’s father was struck suddenly with liver and kidney failure. A risky operation was done and was successful in that he lived about a week longer than expected, which gave my son Barry a chance to be at his side in Houston and tell his father how much he loved him. Then, just last week, my ex-husband’s brother died and another young cousin—just 25—was killed in yet another vehicle accident. Family and friends gathered once again for funerals and gave strength to one another.

One of the lessons learned from all these deaths is that one can never know what is going to happen just around the next corner. And, we should tell our friends how much we care about them—today. So, I am telling each and every one of you today—I love and care for you all!!

* * * * * * * *

GOODSEARCH.COM UPDATE—Last month, we told you about a fast and easy way for you to help us (or any other registered charity) by using as your search engine. Thank you to those of you who have begun to do this. Please spread the word to all your friends, family and co-workers so that they can help, too. Note that they now have contained in their site a link to A percentage of each sale using that link will also go to us. We just yesterday received the Goodsearch newsletter telling us they are growing steadily and look forward to sending checks to thousands of charities in December—three times as many as they did last year. Remember that we are listed as “All Creatures Are Truly Special (Dawsonville GA)” in the WHO DO YOU GOODSEARCH FOR? box on the site.

* * * * * * * *

ANOTHER USEFUL SITE—I have written several times about my concern over the very many lost pets there are in this country. I know I share that concern with you and all people who care about our four-legged friends. So, I was delighted to receive information about a website entitled The site is a place where people who have lost their pets can list a description, picture and other useful information. All persons can sign up to receive notifications of lost pets in the area in which they live. Soon after I signed up, I received a very happy notice (and picture) that a darling little dog named Prince had been found through the use of this site. Please consider signing up for this service.

* * * * * * * *

STAMP REPORT—Since our last report, we received 157 stamps vs. the 173 we use for newsletters from Benjamin Jones, Jamie Reagin, Mardi Hoofnagle, Gloria Young and Betty Phillips. Therefore, we had to purchase two books of stamps to send out this newsletter and the other outgoing mail/bill payments in October. We now have 11 stamps on hand – so please do your best to send us as many as possible in November. Many, many thanks!!

* * * * * * *

VET EXPENSE UPDATE: Our great appreciation to Mildred Ferrell, Avis Buchanan, Mary Jane Johnson and Sara Martin for your donations to our veterinary care fund since our last newsletter. We ask that all of our supporters consider a gift to this fund—so our animals will NEVER have to suffer for lack of medical care. As always, you may donate toward veterinary care in any one of the following four ways:

• Sending us a check made out to Murrayville Veterinary Clinic for whatever amount you wish to contribute OR
• Sending a check made out to ALL C.A.T.S., Inc. indicating the donation is to be used for general veterinary expense.
• Send a check directly to Murrayville Veterinary Clinic, P.O. Box 406, Murrayville, GA 30564. Be sure to indicate that it is to be applied to the All C.A.T.S., Inc. account. If you would like your donation acknowledged in this newsletter, please drop us a note—Murrayville is too busy to always let us know about the support they receive directly from you.
• To donate online, visit our web portal (, and click on Vet Expenses under our How You Can Help menu.
• Then, select Veterinary Expenses and you'll be able to pay online instantly using your credit card and/or checking account.

* * * * * * * * *


• From Mardi Hoofnagle “in memory of Woofer, who went to kitty heaven on September 11.”

• From Thomas C. Lanford, Jr. “in memory of Mr. P. Mr. P was Bob Hall’s companion for almost 20 years and the subject of many conversations. He was a special cat.”

• From Elly Meyer “in memory of Sam.” Elly writes that “This has not been a good year for my cat pets or my daughter Karen’s. First we lost Murphy then Abigail on June 11 and today we lost Sam. And we lost my beloved MacDuff on August 27. Fortunately, I still have Megan and Karen has two new kittens: Oscar and Olivia and Lily, who is seven years old.” Elly, we are so very sorry for your losses and thank you very much for your compliments on our work.

* * * * * * *


 To Carol Clenney for your continuing sponsorship of one of our shelter kitties.

 To Kevin Donahue for your continuing sponsorship of Jumping Jack.

 To Mary Speer for your continued sponsorship of Bella.

 To Elly Meyer for your extra donation, lovely card and your appreciation of our work.

 To Sara Martin for your extra donation for whatever supplies are most needed.

 To Nick Mastrovito for your email telling us that you will continue your support of Goldie and our other animals despite your upcoming (in November) deployment to Iraq. We will all look forward to your safe return next year.

 To Dena Roesler for your continued donations, always matched by your company.

Matching Gift programs are a wonderful way to double (and sometimes even triple) your donations. Please check with the Human Resources or Community Service department of your company to see if they have such a plan.

* * * * * * * *

ELECTRIC BILL – Our electric bills have become less expensive in the last month due to the moderation in our weather. However, your donation towards our utility bills is still very much appreciated. We would like to put some funds aside for the upcoming high winter heating bills.


1. A special, extra donation for general operating expenses.
2. A donation earmarked for our electric bill (amount varies depending on the weather) and/or garbage bill (currently $165.29).
3. Those of you who provide food and/or supplies to either shelter—continue and accelerate if possible.
4. A special veterinary fund donation (see above).
5. Chain link fencing and the “stuff” needed to install are always items that the shelters need. A gift card for any place that sells fencing, etc., would be much appreciated!!!
6. Gift card for Home Depot or Lowes for buying many cleaning supplies—buckets, brooms, etc.
7. Gift card for any other store at which we can buy items needed at the shelter. Wal-Mart, Kroger, PetSmart, PETCO and Ingles cards are especially welcome.
8. Purchase AND delivery to the shelter in Alabama of Dogloos, especially XLarge.
9. Any type of animal medicine.
10. Bedding (washable, please), food and water bowls.
11. Bleach, detergent, Glad tall kitchen bags, paper plates, Pine-Sol, brooms, scrub buckets, dishwashing liquid, canned and dry cat food, dry dog food, cat and dog treats, and paper towels. Please send large items to the Dahlonega physical address listed above.

* * * * * * * *


Denver, CO – Mike Zaremba was desperately searching for a treatment for Siberian Husky Nakota, who was in severe chronic pain after ACL surgery in February was not successful. He was told that another surgery was not an option. Then, Mr. Zaremba’s veterinarian told him about a new procedure where Nakota’s own fat-derived stem cells could be used to help heal the ligament. Even though skeptical, Mr. Zaremba decided to go ahead. Within a few weeks after the minimally invasive procedure, Nakota was back to running long distances and jumping into the car with no visible sign of pain.

Poway, California-based Vet-Stem has used its licensed steam cell therapy in horses for three years and has extended its commercial services to include dogs, who are treated with their own stem cells to repair tendons and ligaments. Sixty-five board-certified small-animal surgeons have been trained to use this procedure, and this fall veterinarians across the U.S. will be able to become credentialed users via online training at the company’s website According to the company’s CEO, Robert Harman, the only adverse side effect has been a swelling at the injection site in a small number of cases. FROM MSNBC.COM – NEWSWEEK – HEALTH

* * * * * * * *

Green Bay, WI – Annie the cat loves to travel but got more than she bargained for this past summer when she jumped into the back of a truck bound for Virginia. After traveling 1,000 miles, the 10-year-old calico roamed the woods in Roanoke for 18 days before she was caught. Owner Ann Roskam said that her family was sure they had lost her for good.

Annie had hopped into the truck belonging to Roskam’s friends who were moving from Wisconsin to Roanoke. The trip took three days—in sweltering temperatures. When the friends unloaded the truck, they saw Annie—who seemed to be in good shape considering the conditions. Annie had an ID tag but, before the friends could get hold of her, she was spooked by a deer and took off. The friends put up posters and drove all over the neighborhood – finally finding Annie at a neighbor’s house. She was flown back home to Green Bay, where the Roskam’s were delighted to have her back. FROM MSNBC – PECULIAR POSTINGS – AUGUST 24, 2007

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